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1Click DVD Copy 5

1Click DVD Copy 5 is fast and easy

There are lots of DVD copy software programs on the market, but none of them are easier than 1Click DVD Copy 5. Most people that are interested in burning a DVD do not want to be bombarded with tons of options that they will have to consider. Many people just want to insert in a DVD and start the burning process instantly. Users that want this ease of use should seriously consider 1Click DVD Copy 5. There’s not another program on the market that has this level of ease.

1Click DVD Copy 5 Automatically Selects the Best Setting for  you

There are many DVD burning programs on the market, but there is only one that promises to do the job in one click. The 1Click DVD Copy 5 application stands apart from the rest because it automatically selects the best settings for the user. An amateur DVD burner, for example, can buy 1Click DVD Copy 5 and feel confident about their purchase. They do not have to worry about trying to select the right speed for burning. They also do not have to be concerned with converting the file to some other format before it can be burned. Users that purchase 1Click DVD Copy 5 can eliminate the headaches with software that simplifies this process.

CPRx™ technology for copying new DVD movies

1Click DVD Copy 5The 1Click software has been around for a long time, and version 5 has improved upon the great DVD copy software that many consumers have grown to love. It was only a matter of time before this software incorporated faster burn speeds and innovative features like CPRx error that helps users copy DVD movies that have bad sectors. The CPRx feature – along with burns speeds that are 3 times faster than previous versions – makes 1Click DVD Copy 5 the clear choice for many.

Consumers are always interested in ways to save money with anything that they buy. People that purchase 1Click DVD Copy 5 know that this software protects the future of the investment in entertainment purchases. The ability to copy a DVD collection saves so much money. Consumers never know when their favorite DVD will get lost or scratched. Individuals that have the 1Click DVD Copy 5 software do not have to worry about this. They have the ability to save their collection and burn any of the copied material as they desire to do so.

Copy Only the Features you Want or Copy Entire DVDs 1:1

Users that have access to dual layer drives will also be delighted to know that 1Click DVD Copy 5 supports dual layer media. This software even allows users to copy the DVD in full with all of the extras or simply copy the movie. This is helpful for users that want to save space. Some movies that are copied to a hard drive, for example, have much bigger file sizes when the entire DVD is copied. The ability to simply copy the movie allows consumers to management their hard drive space much better.

The 1Click software is also supported on a wide range of operating systems. This is a perfect solution for all users. PC owners that are running Windows 7 do not have to worry about compatibility issues. This is great for users for new systems, but the 1Click DVD Copy 5 software is also functional for those that have older systems like Windows 98. This is rare because many software vendors do not support operating systems over ten years old without extensive compatibility updates.

1Click DVD Copy 5 literally lives up to the name that it was given

The best thing about this software is that it gives users the ability to select movie features if they want. It’s not required, however, because the save button is all that they have to click to get started. The software recognizes the source and the destination as well. It even assigns a default location for files that can be saved directly to the hard drive. Users that want to add all the languages or menus that are contained within the DVD can do so. Those that do not want to save those features have the ability to skip this. One click is all the users need to concern themselves with. This is the beauty of a simplistic yet effective program like 1Click DVD Copy 5. This is one software application that literally lives up to the name that it was given.

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  1. I just replaced my operating system and lost dvd copy5. Can you give me a way to download it again, please. Thanks.

  2. ijust want to backup my dvds

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